Here Domestic Repairs Ltd's Terms & Conditions

Operating hours

Our working hours are from 7.00am to 6.00pm, The engineer’s visiting time are classed as an all-day appointment. You will receive a call between 7am – 9am informing you of your 3-hour time slot, which is an estimate time of arrival.

We will carry out work during our normal working hours Monday to Friday and occasional Saturdays at Here Domestic Repairs Ltd discretion unless by prior agreement we say otherwise.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure someone 18 years or over is at the premises when the engineer arrives. They must be able to stay within the property whilst the repair is taking place and sign the engineer’s job report once the engineer has finished.

Here Domestic Repairs Ltd will not be held responsible if no one is home at the time of appointment.

Guarantee period

Our labour work is guaranteed for a period of 3 months from the date of the repair and parts are guaranteed for 3 months from the date of the repair, providing that your appliance has the same issue as originally called out for.

Our service and guarantee DOES NOT include:

  • Repairs needed due to manufacturing faults.
  • Improvements needed to your electrical/gas or general installation.
  • Removing any waste materials
  • Misuse, negligence, damage, blockages and general wear and tear.
  • Domestic appliances being used in a commercial environment.


If the same issue to your appliance re-occurs within the guarantee period, we will re-visit your property to inspect the appliance again, the labour fee will be free of charge, however the customer will need to pay for any additional parts that are required to complete the repair. Our work is guaranteed for the guarantee period as detailed in these terms and conditions. Unless the issue with your appliance is different to the original fault.

If such a visit is caused by misuse, reasonable wear and tear or we are unable to find a fault during our visit, we reserve the right to charge for our labour.

Fixed Callout charge

The fixed Callout charge for our work includes the call out fee and labour of fixing the fault reported by the customer or which we identify and any faults directly related to the original fault. Any spare parts or other costs incurred are additional to the fixed Callout charge. It may be necessary to agree further charges for faults that are found not to be related to the initial reported fault.

If we decide we are not able to repair the fault due to reasons beyond our control (such as parts no longer being produced by the Manufacturer of your appliance) we will advise you as soon as is practically possible; our fixed Callout fee will still stand if a visit has been made.


All appliances needing to be repaired must be made accessible by the customer The engineer must be able to access and move an appliance without the risk of damage to surrounding units, worktops, floor coverings, etc. or without the risk of injury to themselves. If we are unable to carry out a repair due the appliance not being accessible, the engineer will need to return at a later date once the appliance has been made accessible by the customer. Customers will be asked to sign a job sheet prior to removal of the appliance, this will state that (you) the customer will Not hold the engineer or Here Domestic Repairs Ltd responsible for any damage that may result.


The engineer will do his best to find parking in the area close to your property. However, if the engineer is unable to find parking near your property we will rebook the appointment for another day. If you live in an area which is Parking controlled, needs a permit or is Pay and display, it is the responsibility of the customer and not the engineer, to ensure that the correct permits and access is obtained prior to the engineers visit. You will need to pay for parking permits for the duration of the engineers visit. If you fail to provide the correct parking terms, then we will have to reschedule the appointment to another date.


Materials that are used for the work are guaranteed for the guarantee period as detailed in these terms and conditions or at the discretion of Here Domestic Repairs Ltd. If the materials are defective, then we will replace the defective materials free of charge subject to the terms of our spare parts supplier.

We accept no responsibility for attending to a customer and not having the necessary part on the first call as we cannot keep all parts for all appliances within this stock.

We order parts via the manufacturer and preferred suppliers based upon costs and stock availability. Most parts will be available the next day if we have been able to process your order by 3pm.

Some parts are special order, meaning that the manufacturer and/or supplier do not have these in stock. special order parts may take 4-6 weeks for delivery. In rare cases the delivery time may exceed 6 weeks.

It is not the responsibility of Here Domestic Repairs Ltd if the Manufacturer or preferred suppliers no longer produce the part necessary to complete the repair on your appliance.

In the event the part required is Obsolete, NO refund will be provided by Here Domestic Repairs Ltd for the call out fee, as we have attended and diagnosed the fault as per agreement.


If you have a complaint regarding your repair, please email within 24 Hours of the engineer’s visit. We aim to respond within 5 working days.

Here Domestic Repairs Ltd will not accept any liability for damage unless we have been negligent. Any alleged damage claim must be reported directly to Here Domestic Repairs Ltd within 24 hours of our service visit and followed up in writing with 7 days substantiating your allegations.